SwimRVA Partnership

Save-A-Seed is proud to partner with SwimRVA to help swimmers of all skill levels grow their confidence and talents through Saturday classes.


SwimRVA's mission is to elevate aquatics across the Richmond region. Programs are designed to empower every kind of swimmer, now and for life. The approach and curriculum are shaped by SwimRVA's core principles: success, persistence, dignity, courage, and truthfulness.

SwimRVA's Swim School curriculum offers swimmers the opportunity to learn to swim in a fun, safe, and goal-driven environment. Instructors are trained to work with your swimmers to develop their skills using a station-based approach. Each station builds upon skills learned in previous stations which will ensure that your swimmers have the opportunity to continually progress at their own pace.  In doing so, they will make friends and learn skills that can save their life and provide a healthy lifelong activity.

Swim Lesson Registration


Upcoming soon for the 2021 season.


Each swim lesson cost $10 per participant per class.

Once students pass Station #7 they will have the ability to work towards improving their skills on our developmental swim team, water polo team or become lifeguard certified through the SwimRVA Safety School.

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