3rd Annual Town of Waverly 5K Walk/Run – Hosted by Town of Waverly & Save-A-Seed

Come and Run with Us


So Whats Next?

If you are ready to serve your community then lace up your shoes to run or walk with us and click the link below to register!

Town of Waverly 5k Walk/Run Registration

We're also looking for support from volunteers and donations are always welcomed!


Click HERE for volunteer opportunities at the Save-A-Seed Waverly Community Garden.

Click HERE to donate to Save-A-Seed.

Save-A-Seed is excited to help expand the function and beauty of Allen W. Gibson Memorial Park. The Town of Waverly will host a 5K run/walk and all proceeds will go towards the construction and maintenance of the Save-A-Seed Waverly Community Garden.


This initiative will require volunteers from the community of all ages and abilities to come out and lend a hand. 


The Community Garden will host 2 vertical growing walls which will grow flowers, herbs, and vegetables to be shared with the local community. In Spring 2022, be on the lookout for an expansion to the garden with raised beds.


Our goals with this project are to bring the community together, connect through nature, and grow and share healthy food with the community.